Collective Futures 

Using collaborative digital collaging as a tool for expressing individual and collective thoughts and feelings surrounding social issues, current crises, and our collective future. Displayed are the outcome of the workshop where students responded to the 2021 winter storm in Texas that left many Texans without power as the electrical grid failed. 

Done with students at the University of Houston

Code of Ethics

Following the structure and sentiment of Garland’s First Things First manifesto, we created a collaborative activity for participants to develop a collective code of ethics for their design practice. Shadrick and I have recreated this workshop in many courses.

Collaborators: Shadrick Addy & Harrison Lyman

Museum of Tomorrow

Conveying a plausible, hopeful future in which trash is nonexistent, we created a fictitious exhibition in the year 2080 that showcased the experience of handling, viewing, and disposing of trash as if it was an artifact of the past. The exhibit had labels, an interactive trash station, and a performative “trash man”.

The workshop leveraged speculation, narrative, and performance as tools for eliciting conversations about possible futures.

Collaborators: Katie Frohbose &  Dmitri Knappe

VR for Science Educators

As part of the VRPlants project, we put on workshops to teach educators about emerging technologies and its possibilities so they could begin to imagine ways they could utilize these tools in their own classrooms. My role for these workshops included designing the marketing materials, and being a technology assistant and workshop facilitator.

Collaborators: Colin Keenan, Dr. Larry Blanton