Social Issues Infographics

Students become familiar with various design research methods by doing primary and secondary research on a current social issue and synthesizing the complex information into an educational infographic.

Course: Visualization & Creativity

Design Activist History

Students make zines based on how specific designs and designers have responded, in the past and present, to a chosen social issue. Students first write a research paper, then synthesize the information from the paper into a narrative to visualize in a zine.

Course: Design Activism 

Design Identity

Students identify their personal values + interests as designers through reflective practice and create a piece that is a visual representation of these values through any medium that best reflects their concept.

Course: Design Activism, Visualization & Creativity 

Coding Climate Change

A project designed as a study for my Master’s level final project. Students code an interactive spatial website in A-Frame to inform citizens about the effects of climate change as it relates to the dimensions of psychological distance: spatial, temporal, social, and experiential.

Course: Tech Tinkering