VRPlants Branding

VRPlants is a research group creating experiences with emerging technology centered around teaching plant biology concepts, ranging from immersive VR games, to webVR, 360 videos, and workshops. I developed the branding used for marketing materials.

CSPA Quarterly

The Center for the Sustainable Practice in the Arts publishes digital and print issues quarterly. Here are covers and selected spreads for two of the issues I have designed for them.


Branding for TEDxUF: Transparent. All print and digital materials for marketing and production were created and designed by me. 

Mama’s Homemade Delivery Service

This project was inspired by mother’s  traditional Brasilian cooking. I created the concept for a delivery service of food from different cultures. All of the photography and design was done by me, I also created the handmade wooden pieces seen in the photos. 

Horticulture & My Friend’s Farmers Market 

I did research on the topic of horticulture and created an infographic to synthesize what I learned. In response to what I learned, I created the concept for My Friend’s Farmers Market to create a kit for people to learn how to grow food at home.