Moqueca Capixaba &
Paneleiras de Goiaberas

Ongoing research project on an indigenous design and production technique local to Vitoria, Espirito Santo, where many of my family members reside. With this research I am exploring regional identity, culture, and design through documenting panelas de barra (clay pots) as a designed object, questioning the colonialist power dynamics that have pushed these stories towards the periphery, to not be considered part of design practice.

Communicating Climate Change in 3D environments

This study investigates how the design of interactions within 3D environments can decrease an individual’s psychological distance to climate change. I worked with graphic design students to design 3D interactive environments, and developed a prototype for a system of tools intended for use within a virtual reality experience. 

Social Practice Theory 

An exploration on the role of design in the explanation and communication of theory. Through mapping and diagramming, this framework was created to represent Social Practice Theory.  As a group, we co-designed and created a framework in order to answer the question of “how can design change behavior?”. We analyzed 14 research articles and placed them within the framework, mapping them spatially based on their connections and similarities.

Collaborators: Ashley Anderson, Katie Frohbose, Jessye Holmgren-Sidell, Matt Norton, and Krithika Sathyamurthy.